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Project Management

High Tech development can be complex in many ways. As a customer, you are helped by a development partner who can offer more than only a technological contribution. Our team has proven to be the right partner for academia and industry on projects in a complex context.

Understanding your needs on keeping a complex project controllable, we divide projects into recognizable phases making it manageable to control and optimise each aspect of the project:

  • Economical aspects are defined by the costs/budget and allowed time
  • Technological aspects are indicated by the functions, their specifications and required quality
  • Social aspects like organisation, information and communication

We clearly understand that each individual parameter is strongly related to the other two: Quality is incorporated by the technological aspects, however its feasibility and efficiency are determined by the economic and social aspects. Our goal is to support the customer during all stages of the project by providing insight in all project parameters, their mutual relationship and impact, such that the project output can be optimized based on the customers priorities.