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We engineer high-tech solutions for nano-scale accuracy applications and instrumentation that operate in extreme environments such as ultra-high vacuum, ultra-low cryogenic temperatures near the absolute zero (mK-level) and high magnetic fields.

Precision engineering & manufacturing

Our designs incorporate several aspects such as high stiffness, low mass, kinematics, thermal-and mechanical-stability, low heat dissipation and are validated by using mechanical & physics analysis. We create realistic and detailed solutions thanks to our skilled engineers who have many years of hands-on experience in the field of high-precision manufacturing. 

Motion & Vibration control

To generate linear motion with ultra-precise accuracy, we use flexure mechanisms with piezo actuator and sensor designs. To further minimize or prevent coupling of unwanted vibrations, damper and isolator solutions are implemented.

Integration & Testing

We have access to high-tech facilities in order to test our products and systems under extreme operational conditions (UHV, RT-mK range, dT magnetic fields, etc).