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  • Project partner in “Quantum microscopy: A new tool for future technologies”

Project leader: Dr T. van der Sar (Delft University of Technology) Participating institutions: TNO Delft, Leiden University, Applied Nanolayers BV, Leiden Spin Imaging BV. Quantum technology has the potential to transform global industries and markets. It can make electrons and flows in quantum systems visible. This consortium is working with partners from industry on a quantum microscope that will use a diamond magnetic-field sensor to image the behaviour of electrons on the nanoscale, at both near absolute zero and room temperature.


  • Dutch Society For Precision Engineering DSPE, Mikroniek: Good vibrations near absolute zero. link
  • Review of Scientific Instruments, A compact multipurpose nanomanipulator for use inside a scanning electron microscope. link
  • Review of Scientific Instruments, Atomic resolution scanning tunneling microscopy in a cryogen free dilution refrigerator at 15 mk. link
  • Review of Scientific Instruments, A subsurface add-on for standard atomic force microscopes. link