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Applied Physics

Developing instrumentation for fundamental and applied research require understanding of the phenomena in quantum devices. From our background and experience in fundamental physics, we clearly understand your need for low vibration and low dissipation microscopy instruments, that can probe individual atoms, detect spins and measure nanoamperes with nanometer resolution at temperatures near the absolute zero.

We cover the gap from fundamental application knowledge to development in specialized research instrumentation!

Quantum Technology

  • Magnetic imaging
  • Quantum bits, (spin) Hall Physics, etc.
  • Graphene devices


  • Scanning Probe & Quantum Microscopy (STM, QS-SPM, AFM, MRFM) covering a broad temperature range from elevated till (sub)mK-level.
  • Microscopy tools & add-ons, providing enhanced microscopy features (NV-center, in-situ sample cleaving, fully cold insertable microscope)

Low vibration Cryogenics

  • low temperature systems (e.g. passive damping, mechanical filtering)