Complete Cryostat Systems

Low Vibration Dry Dilution Refrigerator Cryostat
In close collaboration with Leiden Cryogenics, we can provide low vibration versions of their cryogen-free cryostats. The CF-CS81 cryogen-free cryostat, for example, is a 3K system compatible with all add-ons available via LSI. The cryostat can be fitted with many customer required options such as cold insertable probes, special wiring (coax, superconductive), etc. It is equipped with the Hexapod Vibration Isolation Frame and the Flexible Pulse Tube Collar and 50K and 3K Heatlinks in order to maximally reduce its vibration level. We can also provide a low vibration version of the Leiden Cryogenics Dry Dilution Refrigerators. Leaflet 3K system.

  • Dry 3K cryostat system