Flexible Pulse Tube Heatlinks

LSI B.V. has decreased the vibration levels in a cryostat by 'decoupling' the Pulse Tube Refrigerator (PTR) from the cryostat, while maintaining the thermal (cooling) and vacuum functionalities between these both systems.

This ‘decoupling’ can be done at three strategic places; the interface between the 50K stage of the PTR and the 50K plate of the cryostat is one of them. The sturdy and stiff connection between PTR and cryostat can be replaced by a very flexible (thermal) connection, so that the PTR vibrations are strongly damped. A set of 24 very soft thermal braids is applied, to achieve a maximum thermal conductance at low temperatures in combination with a high mechanical decoupling and damping.

LSI B.V. has developed the Flexible 50K Pulse Tube Heatlink in such a way that no adjustments on the cryostat or 50K stage (PTR) interfaces are necessary. Direct installation on the CF200-1400 and the CF-CS81 cryostat series from Leiden Cryogenics is possible.

A similar flexible pulse tube heatlink for the 3K plate is available, which will enhance the damping of the PTR vibrations even further.

It is strongly recommended to also install the Flexible Pulse Tube Collar from LSI B.V. By doing this, the maximum mechanical decoupling of the PTR is achieved and both strategic places for the reduction and damping of the PTR vibrations are covered. An extra external frame for suspending the PTR is necessary when installing all three flexible PTR connections (the Collar and the 50K and 3K Heatlinks). However, it is not necessary to install this extra frame when the PTR still has a non-flexible connection at one of the three PTR to cryostat interfaces.

More information about the Flexible 50K Pulse Tube Heatlink is available here.

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