Hexapod Vibration Isolation Frame

LSI B.V. has developed a special frame for the installation of a new (dilution) refrigerator from Leiden Cryogenics. The added value of this Hexapod Vibration Isolation Frame is the high stiffness-weight ratio of the frame and the cryostats top-plate. These features, combined with a strategically positioned vibration isolation system, eliminate the (floor) vibrations coming from the surrounding environment (lab and/or building) and avoid disruption of the experiments inside the cryostat.

Each dry cryostat model from Leiden Cryogenics (CF-200-1400 and CF-CS81 series) can be installed into the Hexapod Vibration Isolation Frame. The cryostat will be attached to three Vibration Isolators, which are attached to the Hexapod frame, in order to maximally eliminate background noise. The top-plate of the cryostat is customized such that a seamless interation of cryostat and vibration isolation system is possible.

More information about the Hexapod Vibration Isolation Frame is available here.

  • Hexapod with cryostat