Cryostat Accessories

Flexible Pulse Tube Collar
The Flexible Pulse Tube Collar is designed to decouple the vibrations of the Pulse Tube Refrigerator (PTR) at the interface between its cold-head and the top plate of the cryostat.

Flexible Pulse Tube Heatlink
A Flexible Pulse Tube Heatlink has been designed for the interface between the PTR and the 50K and/or 3K plates. The stiff connections between PTR and cryostat can be replaced by a very flexible (thermal connection), so that the PTR vibrations through these interfaces are strongly damped.

Hexapod Vibration Isolation Frame
The Hexapod Vibration Isolation Frame is designed with Finite Element Analysis as a low-vibration substitute of the standard cryostat frame. Its tubular design leads to a maximum high stiffness-to-weight ratio, which combines with strategically placed Vibration Isolators to optimally eliminate (floor) vibrations from the surrounding environment.

Pulse Tube Raising Kit
In the Pulse Tube Raising Kit, several LSI products (Flexible Pulse Tube Collar, 50K and 3K Heatlinks) are combined such that the vibrations from the Pulse Tube Refrigerator (PTR) are maximally decoupled from the cryostats system. This will be achieved by firmly holding the PTR from an external frame such that all of the three PTR-to-cryostat interfaces (RT, 50 and 3K) will become very flexible while the cryostat can still be cooled to the appropriate temperatures.

Break-out Box
The Break-out Box connects the wires and signals from the customers devices inside the cryostat to the rest of their equipment with a very low noise level. The Breakout Box is optimized for shielding both high and low frequencies and can be installed in a 19'' rack.

  • Fully upgraded cryostat